chadu (chadu) wrote,

Time-Fused Love-Bomb Detonation

So, a love-bomb I set up more than 6 years ago finally detonated.

Back in the day, while I was writing the Zorcerer of Zo RPG, I used Older Niece as a character-generation example and used some photomanipulations of her in the book. My family has known this for a long, long time.

The other day, I'm over my mom's house where she's babysitting Younger Niece. I mention getting my softcover copy of Tales of Zo in the mail. Following conversation ensues:

YN: What's that?

ME: It's a book of my fairy tales, based on a game I wrote a couple years ago.

MOM: It's the one with ON in it.

YN: Which one?

MOM: The purple one up on the shelf in Grandpap's office.

YN: (scampers up to office and retrieves ZoZ; comes back down) This one?

ME: Yup.

YN: (climbs onto me and we flip through the book looking for the pics of ON) She's little!

ME: Yup. I wrote this a long time ago.

YN: Yeah!

ME: (slyly) You know, you're in it. But not a picture.

YN: (flabbergasted) What what what?

ME: Yeah, right here. (flips to page 54, "Example of Play") These pages are all about the adventures of Princess [YN].

YN: No way! YAAAAAAY!!! (laboriously starts reading aloud, then stops) Where's *my* picture?!?

ME: There isn't one.

YN: Why not?

ME: Well, how old are you?

YN: Seven and a half.

ME: See, I wrote this book seven years ago. When you were still a six-month old baby. So, we didn't have a good fairy-tale picture of you like we did for ON.

YN: Oh. Okay. (thinks about it) Well, you'll just have to fix that.

ME: Fix what?

YN: Put a picture of me in there now.

ME: That's... not how it works. It's out, done.

YN: (wrinkles brow) Well, my picture in the next one, then.

ME: Deal.
Tags: 240 dollars worth of puddin', asmp, books, fact, gaming, mad science, pdq, vitamin u, writing, zoz

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