chadu (chadu) wrote,

[zoz] ZoZ 6 Month Sales Numbers

The following chart shows the rough estimate of The Zorcerer of Zo sales over the first six months of release of the book.

NOTE: This is considered "rough" because ZoZ's release date for pre-orders was 11-27-2007, but I can't parse the IPR sales data that fine (they pay and report quarterly, and 2Q2007 isn't over yet).

ZoZ 6 Months Sales Chart
ZoZ 6 Months Sales Chart

Overall numbers are:
e23: 18 copies
RPGNow: 154 copies
DTRPG: 12 copies
IPR: 153 copies
Total Sales: 337 copies

Comparisons with Other ASMP 6 Month Rough Totals
Dead Inside: 120 copies
Truth & Justice: 354 copies

I've already made my goal of 300 copies sold by the one-year anniversary date of release; let's shoot for 400!

Thank you all, and stay zantabulous!
Tags: asmp, gaming, sales, zoz
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