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After a month, sales of the Tales of Zo collection have been anemic, at best. Furthermore, my publisher cannot take advantage of the ebook promotion tools on Amazon until it has at least 5 reviews there.

It'd be doing me and the other authors a solid if people could post some reviews there. Just be honest about what you think of the stories within, that's all I ask.


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So, a love-bomb I set up more than 6 years ago finally detonated.

Back in the day, while I was writing the Zorcerer of Zo RPG, I used Older Niece as a character-generation example and used some photomanipulations of her in the book. My family has known this for a long, long time.

The other day, I'm over my mom's house where she's babysitting Younger Niece. I mention getting my softcover copy of Tales of Zo in the mail. Following conversation ensues:

YN: What's that?

ME: It's a book of my fairy tales, based on a game I wrote a couple years ago.

MOM: It's the one with ON in it.

YN: Which one?

MOM: The purple one up on the shelf in Grandpap's office.

YN: (scampers up to office and retrieves ZoZ; comes back down) This one?

ME: Yup.

YN: (climbs onto me and we flip through the book looking for the pics of ON) She's little!

ME: Yup. I wrote this a long time ago.

YN: Yeah!

ME: (slyly) You know, you're in it. But not a picture.

YN: (flabbergasted) What what what?

ME: Yeah, right here. (flips to page 54, "Example of Play") These pages are all about the adventures of Princess [YN].

YN: No way! YAAAAAAY!!! (laboriously starts reading aloud, then stops) Where's *my* picture?!?

ME: There isn't one.

YN: Why not?

ME: Well, how old are you?

YN: Seven and a half.

ME: See, I wrote this book seven years ago. When you were still a six-month old baby. So, we didn't have a good fairy-tale picture of you like we did for ON.

YN: Oh. Okay. (thinks about it) Well, you'll just have to fix that.

ME: Fix what?

YN: Put a picture of me in there now.

ME: That's... not how it works. It's out, done.

YN: (wrinkles brow) Well, my picture in the next one, then.

ME: Deal.

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Hey, folks!

Here's a book you all might be interested in...

Yup, it's Tales of Zo, a collection of fairy tales based on my Zorcerer of Zo RPG, and features many tales by Yours Truly, amongst others.

Best part is when you buy the softcover print copy, you get a free copy of the eBook, too!

Check it out, and please pass the word along!

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PRO-TIP: Deer like stale rye bread.

(Seeded, of course. I'm not a barbarian.)


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So, this is what I did yesterday, in rough order:

* Woke up at 5:30 am.
* Made coffee (loving the new Keurig!).
* Finished hand-editing a technical standard (freelance).
* Teleconference with old work (who I'm freelancing for).
* Lit candles for the Grandmas at IC church.
* Had brunch/lunch at Shorty's with step-brother.
* Stopped at PA CareerLink to pick up employment info.
* Bought onion bagels at Nickles Thrift.
* Coffee!
* Finished electronic-editing abovementioned technical standard (freelance).
* Set up a medical appointment.
* Had bagel with cream cheese for "late lunch/early dinner" while reading Westward of Ye Laurel Hills by Helen Vogt.
* Published abovementioned technical standard (freelance).
* Paid bills online.
* Filled out the "move-in checklist" for new apartment.
* Quick error-check on the text of several fairy tales based my Zorcerer of Zo game (including several by Yours Truly), due out in a small-press anthology Real Soon Now.
* Reheated some pizza and made herbal tea (Lemon Zinger, y'all).
* Watched Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing on DVD, then watched it again listening to the cast commentary.
* Crashed around 2:30 am.

So, all-in-all, a typical day.

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DC Metro peoples, yet another.

Okay, folks, Declutterfest 3 is a go for this weekend.

And now, we enter the Office, where the good stuff lives!

As before, it’s SOP: Saturday; anytime after noon. I provide pizza, beer, Coke, and water (BYOB otherwise), and you bring two boxes: one for me, and one for you). (I’ll probably also hit Staples and get 4-8 boxes this week anyway.)

We go through my stuff (books, games, computer equipment, comics/graphic novels), and you take what you want. Every 3 to 8 books is 3 to 8 less books going to a good home than I have to deal with in my eventual “estate sale” of books.

NOTE: There is a lot of dust and two cats, so plan accordingly if you are allergic.

I’d really like there to be at least 4 people here, to maximize people getting cool stuff.

Lemme know if you’re game.

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Two great t-shirt designs that I dig:

More: ReagencyDesign

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Thank you. Thank you all.

In the space of roughly 12 hours due to an FB post and a locked LJ post, I have gone from "abject terror" to "moderate concern". I'm about 90% at rent payment right now, which is so much better than 65% (where I was this afternoon).

That's a big, big, BIG win.

Again, I thank you.

And, now I have a few favors to repay. No worries, they're all good -- mostly pointing at stuff that I actually think is cool, and didn't know about previously, that my friends are producing.

Stories, poems, t-shirts, handcrafts, jams/jellies/preserves, games, tea blends, all kindsa stuff. Look for mentions after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, because maximizing pageviews. Please note: all of this stuff makes excellent Xmas gifts.

Just sayin'.

BTW, I'm not kidding about the subject line here. I am crying right now.

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DC Metro area people, swing by!

So, come over to chadu’s Deluxe Apartment in the Sky-y-y and do more sorting of books and stuff! People are welcome to take anything I don’t want to keep.

Festivities begin at noon and will last until they’re done. Ping me on email for the address and parking info. As before, I will provide pizza and beer/Coke/water (any other beverages, please BYOB).

However, there’s a twist this time: please bring 2 boxes — file/bankers box or U-Haul Small boxes are fine; anything stackable. One’s for me, one’s for you (if you want anything).

The goal for this Declutterfest is to sort my staging area/living room: I’m overrun with already packed boxes that need to be stacked somewhere to free up the space. This includes both my keeper boxes and the get-rid-of boxes. (Again, you’re welcome to sort through the GRO boxes before we sort and stack.)

Also, there’s still 2 bookcases of fresh books to sort through, and a crapload of DVDs.

So, let me know if you’re interested in free books, comics, objets d’art, and other mysteries!


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Declutterfest Weekend #1 was really effective. Got a bunch of stuff sorted, lots of useful stuff taken to be used by others, furniture rearranged to aid cleaning, and even a little cash into the “Chadu is SCREWED” fund. (Also, a special pile of “stuff to keep” and “stuff to keep to sell” that I need to sort this week.)

All in all, four three-foot stacks of books sorted, gifted, and collected into boxes. Will make it easier for folks to look through for stuff that they want, and the eventual estate sale I plan on pursuing for my library.

Also cuddles and flirtation with interesting/attractive people. (Yay!)

Good weekend.

Really good weekend.

Since even in the best possible scenario for my future, earliest for moving is mid-January 2014, I think I’ll have Declutterfests biweekly henceforth.

The hookah, lava lamp, Cuisinart, and kitchen aid mixer are gone or claimed, but I still have Hulk hands, artwork, a bunch of comics and RPGs, and a metric fuckton of books.

But, now I have room to stage stuff. And room to clean.

I’m still in dire straits, still, but signs are good!

If you’re in the DC area, take a look right here in a couple weeks for Declutterfest #2!

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