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I Have Powers
I am the Monkey King!

I am cleaning my Alexandria, VA, apartment this weekend for an upcoming inspection, but also (hopefully) for my move back to SW PA.

It’s easier for me to clean if someone else is there, even if they don’t do anything. Just someone to talk to and joke with.

So, I need to shed myself of a lot of STUFF, both ways, and that includes a whole heaping helping bunch of books (I’m talking thousands). Science fiction, usual fiction, biography, history, reference volumes, comic books, game books, criticism, mythology and fairy tales, lots of stuff.

(Bring a box or bag.)

Most important is to shed them, but if you find any value in whatever you find, a few pennies would help my considerably scary bottom line for November. Your choice; no worries — more important to get this stuff out.

Plus, I have various objets d’art, dead computer equipment, and DVDs that could be of interest.

Then again, if you’re just into vacuuming or mopping, swing by. I’ll get pizza, soda, and beer. (Maybe wine, if there are some that prefer such.)

Contact me at chadu AT yahoo PERIOD com, if you’re interested.

If not, cool.

It’s all good. Just wanted to offer.

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Finally, the Zorcerer of Zo is back in Print (on Demand).

Just in time, in advance of our first collection of Zo-based fairy tales, from many authors, coming out soon from Uncanny Books!

Willy Wonka: The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.

Feel free to buy an e-copy or a PoD physical thingy. Get ready for the Tales.

You will not be disappointed, I swear by Zo-Lion.
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I've been a-pasta-cookin' up a storm this week!

Check the details out here:


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... is detailed here:


I've done a second experiment (with the Good Cheeses and the right amount of properly-coarse black pepper), but I need time to write up the lab notes!

All I can say is: WOW! The seemingly small difference in ingredients and amounts, in even such a simple dish, has wide-ranging effects!



I'll write up a more detailed review for LGF later, but I gotta say -- whatta surprise!

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Happy birthday to me.

All Creatures Will Make Merry... Under Penalty of Death!

Or, for browsers that can't read a marquee tag:

All Creatures Will Make Merry...

Under Penalty of Death!

Hail, Ming!

ALSO: As I am 42 this year, I am also the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

That answer, in detail, is: Entropy increases... unless you do something about it.

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So, I didn’t want to leave my apartment this Fourth, for REASONS, so I decided to try to cook something out of my cupboards. As this was a totally random thing, I was surprised it ended up edible, much less tasty!

Total (food) science experiment here.

I’ll step through what I did, and provide the ingredients list at the end.

1. Heavy skillet, double pat of butter (flavor), dollop of peanut oil (smokepoint), dollop of good olive oil (flavor). Medium heat.

2. Add a minced clove of garlic. Saute for 2 minutes.

3. Add a drained 15 oz can of sliced new/white potatoes. Saute for 3 minutes; higher heat; cover for 3 minutes; saute again for 2 minutes. (Half a pat of butter if it needs it, but it shouldn’t.)

4. Add a semi-drained 6.5 can of clams, using 1/3 the clam juice. (Kosher and halal folks, you can probably replicate this with the same amount of chicken dark meat and about an 1/8 cup of chicken stock. That’s just theory, mind you; haven’t tried it.)

5. A handful of wakame (half a cup?), post-soaking for 5 minutes in cold water. I assume you can use any reconstituted seaweed you have on hand; I had wakame.

6. Stir. Cook. Cover, and let sit 2 or 3 minutes.

7. Add a drained 4.5 oz can of button mushrooms. (Other mushrooms would change the flavor profile for good or ill; again, I’m using what was on hand.)

8. Stir. Cook. Cover, and let sit 2 or 3 minutes.

9. Add a drained 15 oz can of corn. Stir. Add a gratuitous amount of black pepper, a dash of cayenne, a double dash of smoked Hungarian paprika, and a dash each of basil and oregano.

10. This is the time to add a half-bottle of beer. Let it cook for 5-7 minutes, then cover for 3.

11. Start the couscous process: Boil the salted/buttered water per the instructions on the box.

12. Remove the “clambake preparation” from heat and let rest.

13. Wait for the couscous water to boil.

14. After boil, turn off heat, add couscous, and cover. Wait 7-10 minutes.

15. Fluff couscous with fork.

16. Scoop out some couscous and cover it with clambake preparation.

17. ENJOY!

Butter, peanut oil, olive oil = a little.
Clove of garlic, minced.
15 oz can of sliced new/white potatoes
6.5 can of clams, and 1/3 the clam juice. (Kosher and halal: 4 oz chicken dark meat, 1/8 cup of chicken stock)
handful/half-cup of reconstituted seaweed (I used wakame)
4.5 oz can of mushrooms
15 oz can of corn
black pepper, smoked paprika, cayenne, basil, and oregano to taste
1 half-bottle of beer (I used an IPA)
1 cup couscous

I must say, this dish is damned tasty — I’m eating more of it now.


Give it a whirl, folks, and let me know what you think.

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So, I was sitting on my balcony: smoking, drinking beer, and reading Diego Gambetta’s Codes of the Underworld, when I hear someone yelling.

It’s my neighbor, two apartments over. She’s been locked out of her apartment, stuck on her balcony. Can I help her?


First, I go down the hall and see if her front door is open. No dice. Locked.

Second, I go down to the concierge to get the rental agent on duty to get the master key to open my neighbor’s door. That works — but the chain is on.

Third, I attempt to slip the chain through various means (with the rental agent there), to no avail. I suggest we call the super on duty to bring up some bolt-cutters.

Fourth, super on duty shows up without bolt-cutters. He decides it’s best to try to break the chain through main force. He gives it 2 or 3 tries with no joy.

Fifth, I suggest he go get some bolt-cutters and I’ll try to break the chain while he’s gone. He agrees.

Sixth, never underestimate a fat man with a knowledge of physics. One shoulder-slam, and the chain was broke. The engineer hadn’t taken two steps away yet.

“You’re strong,” he said.

“Not really,” I replied.

Seventh, neighbor is rescued from her balcony — the problem is that the locking mechanism on her sliding door was totally broken, and was usually set as unlocked. This time, it shifted to locked.

So, all is well, neighbor is rescued, and I feel a little bit like a superhero.

Weirdest thing to happen to me in a month.

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It's finally out in honor of TableTop Day!

Thin Black Line is a free, non-canonical, PDF-only supplement for Unknown Armies, the roleplaying game where players become movers and shakers in the occult underground, kicking ass and taking names in a world of transcendental horror and furious action.


BONUS: It's absolutely free!

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A friend of mine needs help. Please read, and if you can donate (however little), she'll appreciate it.


Check it out.

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At that light on the Mall,
I saw you.
And you saw me.

You: on foot.
Me: in my car.

You raised your scarf to cover your face, purposefully,
And looked away,
Only to look sidelong, repeatedly, as I waited at the red
To ripen into green.

Oh, I looked sidelong too, many times,
Trying to determine if I was crazy or just wishful (or wistful)
Or maybe even in anyways correct in what I thought was happening.

"You're mad," I said to myself.
"It's a mad world," myself replied.

Red bore green fruit.
You crossed;
I turned.
And again our paths led away.

Only one stolen glance as our eyes locked, for the merest second.

And, we were again alone.

Was it really you, in fact?

Was it really you, in truth?

Was it really me?

It was a melancholy ride home,
Perfumed with my failures.

Which are many.

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