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[s7s] All Questions Answered! - I Have Powers
I am the Monkey King!
[s7s] All Questions Answered!
(Reposted from the S7S yahoogroup.)


As (many of you) know, I usually do not answer direct questions on S7S. Mostly, this is because I believe that once a book hits the wild, I should keep my trap shut except in cases of errata. I am VERY interested in what each and every group brings to the table, in answering questions in the text.

I hope paying attention to these questions makes me a better and clearer writer.


Over the past couple weeks, it has seemed that questions have been posed that never received answers.

I find this intolerable.

Thus, if you have posed a question and not received an answer, repost it in this thread, and I will assay a response. Note that I do not claim primacy for my particular answer to said questions; I'm just the guy who wrote the thing, other folks will make it live and breathe for their groups.

But I DO want to address issues that people have raised in some wise.

So, if you asked a question that never got an answer (satisfactory or at all), re-pose it in this thread, and I will give you my take. It may be messy or idiosyncratic, but it will be an answer.

Thank you.

I will answer questions here, on LJ, if necessary -- but I prefer to do so on the yahoogroup.



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chaosclockwork From: chaosclockwork Date: August 23rd, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
.......There's a Yahoo group?!? I coulda been on that this whole time! *zoom!*
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