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[s7s] Sigur & Livia - I Have Powers
I am the Monkey King!
[s7s] Sigur & Livia
Two characters who were important in the Alpha playtest of S7S: Sigur Stormeye and Livia Petro.

(I can only hope people link this on Monday; weekends usually have low readership, and holiday weekends even moreso.)

Let me give some context -- I ran two separate alpha playtests: "the Musketeers" and "the Pirates." The Musketeers ended up being a group of Crail Falcons (involved in politics and finance), and the Pirates... well, they were piratical (involved with revenge and adventure).

I had grandiose plans: two halves of an over-arching story that would let me bring both local alpha groups together.

This never happened: both groups stalled (due to LIFE ISSUES) penultimately.


The Musketeers met up with Sigur, and saw the terror a Warmaster Griffin could wreak.

The Pirates met up with Livia, who had changed from NPC to PC (because a new player joined that game). Quickly, the PCs figured out that Livia Petro and "Imre Molnar" (sharrukin) had actually been each other's intended.

She fled, and he was enslaved, because of politics related to their arranged marriage.

Rock on.

Here's the thing: Sigur and Livia were designed NPCs. I more or less knew how they'd react in a situation.

Handing Livia over to Melanie CHANGED that.

In a GOOD way.

In the penultimate sessions of each group, the "Pirates" were establishing a new, complex Barathi Noble House. The "Musketeers" ended up on a skyship headed for Barathi, ready for mayhem and skullduggery.

We never ran the big double-group session. ALAS!

You wanna hear a secret?

Sigur and Livia are my S7S interpretations of Popeye and Olive Oyl.

Look. See. Comment.

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