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[D&D] Witch Doctory - I Have Powers
I am the Monkey King!
[D&D] Witch Doctory
Some notes from the D&D4e session today.

We have determined that Ulu (Apelord Fighter, yes?) has an Epic Destiny of "Monkey Fire God." Because Brian can't roll shit until Ulu has been lit ON FIRE. Word.

Rabbas (evilhat/Lydia) is all about the loot and the smackdown.

Zargon (yours truly, insane Dragonborn Witch Doctor) cares a bit about the "story arc" of WTF is going on. He is also (entertainingly crazy) rocking out in the hiatuses.

Weird dice luck and odd "thematic" issues came to the fore, here. It was Ulu, Rabbas, and Zargon against the world -- two controllers and a defender.

We almost got WIPED in the first (minor) encounter due to a small space and shitty rolls (from Brain and I). Honestly, I think if you took the rolls over that encounter, Brian and I (and thus, Ulu and Zargon) rolled >10 on a d20 about 10% of the time. As Ulu say: "Next time, we no go into fight DRUNK."

Second encounter was still ouchy, given difficult terrain and narrow access, and Brian and I rolling crappy.

However, after a rest, the beauty of our "Doom Patrol" squad came into focus. We DECIMATED the fourth encounter (Ulu critted against the medium bad), and came up strong in the final encounter. I/Zargon critically succeeded on my daily power against the big bad and one of his lieutenants. It HURT them, bigtime.

Then, after we had smashed the badguys, a singular foe was about to get away, whistling a jaunty tune, turning his back on us... and Rabbas put the MAJOR SMACKDOWN on him. And deaded him.

There was much awesome to go around.

Zargon now has magic shoes.

I am very interested to hear tales of other Witch Doctors, btw. I see WDs as a "mid-field" controller (opposed to the wizard, who is a "back-field" controller), and a semi-striker.

How does this work out in your games?

ZARGON will be redefined, soon. (Swapping out powers.) This is for a couple reasons:
* The class shifted under him. I started playing Zargon before the Witch Doctor class was complete.
* Chad didn't know how to play a controller. I suck.
* Thematic change. Since Z has the Mask of the Ancestors, I think Z needs more STUFF related to that.
* Mechanical change. Thus far, I have not taken advantage of leveraging class abilities, skills, and powers. This will change.

So. Diggit.

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drivingblind From: drivingblind Date: March 22nd, 2009 04:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
Was good fun, man.
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