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[s7s] Gamma Drafts (Characters/Rules) Done - I Have Powers
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[s7s] Gamma Drafts (Characters/Rules) Done
Work Journal: I am done with the "gamma draft" of Chapter 6 (Rules) of S7S; both it and Chapter 5 (Characters) have been uploaded to the playtest group.

I hope that at least a couple of the groups will be able to playtest the gamma rules over the next 2 to 4 weeks.

Now, I take a day or so off, before doing some polish and bibliography additions to Chapter 7 (General Swashbuckling Genre Stuff).

After that, I need to go and take my print-outs of the setting stuff -- Chapters 1 through 4 -- that are all marked-up with my edit/revs, as well as the comments of trusted folks.

When Chapters 1 through 7 are stable, I'll re-write Chapter 8 (Gamemastering).

Then, I'll strip-out setting-specific material and boil Chapters 5 and 6 down to basics, so I can publish the new PDQ# Core Rules freebie.

I'll also start thinking about the best way to create handouts, player-resources, and speedy demoes for the game.

There's more even after that, but that's enough for now.

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