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100 Best Meme - I Have Powers
I am the Monkey King!
100 Best Meme
(yoinked from mygamethoughts</lj>)

To celebrate (and promote) Green Ronin's Hobby Games: The Best 100 book (which, as I noted, I received for Chadtoberfest), lots of people have been playing the Best 100 meme game.

Boldface if "I own this game."
Italics is "I have played this game."
Italic and Bold are "I both own and have played this game."

I'm adding something, though:

Underline is "I want a copy!" (I've only read up to Machiavelli in the book, so the want list after that might be spotty for a couple days.)

Let's go to the vidjo tape...
Bruce C. Shelley on Acquire
Nicole Lindroos on Amber Diceless
Ian Livingstone on Amun-Re
Stewart Wieck on Ars Magica (used to own it; sold it)
Thomas M. Reid on Axis & Allies
Tracy Hickman on Battle Cry
Philip Reed on BattleTech
Justin Achilli on Blood Bowl
Mike Selinker on Bohnanza
Tom Dalgliesh on Britannia
Greg Stolze on Button Men
Monte Cook on Call of Cthulhu
Steven E. Schend on Carcassonne
Jeff Tidball on Car Wars
Bill Bridges on Champions (used to own it; sold it)
Stan! on Circus Maximus
Tom Jolly on Citadels
Steven Savile on Civilization
Bruno Faidutti on Cosmic Encounter
Andrew Looney on Cosmic Wimpout
Skip Williams on Dawn Patrol
Alan R. Moon on Descent
Larry Harris on Diplomacy
Richard Garfield on Dungeons & Dragons
William W. Connors on Dynasty League Baseball
Christian T. Petersen on El Grande
Alessio Cavatore on Empires in Arms
Timothy Brown on Empires of the Middle Ages
Allen Varney on The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (i wanna play)
Phil Yates on Fire and Fury
William Jones on Flames of War
Rick Loomis on Fluxx
John Kovalic on Formula Dé
Anthony J. Gallela on The Fury of Dracula
Jesse Scoble on A Game of Thrones
Lou Zocchi on Gettysburg
James Wallis on Ghostbusters
James M. Ward on The Great Khan Game
Gav Thorpe on Hammer of the Scots
Uli Blennemann on Here I Stand
S. Craig Taylor, Jr. on A House Divided
Scott Haring on Illuminati
Dana Lombardy on Johnny Reb
Darren Watts on Junta
Greg Stafford on Kingmaker
Lester Smith on Kremlin
Wolfgang Baur on Legend of the Five Rings CCG
Marc W. Miller on Lensman
Ted S. Raicer on London's Burning
Teeuwynn Woodruff on Lord of the Rings (boardgame)
Mike Breault on Machiavelli
Jordan Weisman on Magic: The Gathering
Steve Kenson on Marvel Super Heroes (Jeff Grubb version)

Gary Gygax on Metamorphosis Alpha
Greg Costikyan on My Life with Master
John D. Rateliff on Mythos
Chris "Gerry" Klug on Napoleon's Last Battles
John Scott Tynes on Naval War
Erick Wujcik on Ogre
Marc Gascoigne on Once Upon a Time
Mike Bennighof on PanzerBlitz
Steve Jackson on Paranoia
Shannon Appelcline on Pendragon
JD Wiker on Pirate's Cove
Richard H. Berg on Plague!
Martin Wallace on Power Grid
Tom Wham on Puerto Rico
Joseph Miranda on Renaissance of Infantry
James Ernest on RoboRally
Paul Jaquays on RuneQuest
Richard Dansky on The Settlers of Catan
Ken St. Andre on Shadowfist
Steven S. Long on Shadowrun (used to own; sold it)
Peter Corless on Shadows over Camelot
Dale Donovan on Silent Death: The Next Millennium
Matt Forbeck on Space Hulk
Ray Winninger on Squad Leader
Lewis Pulsipher on Stalingrad
Bruce Nesmith on Star Fleet Battles
Steve Winter on The Sword and the Flame
Jeff Grubb on Tales of the Arabian Nights
Shane Lacy Hensley on Talisman
Douglas Niles on Terrible Swift Sword
Ed Greenwood on Thurn and Taxis
Mike Fitzgerald on Ticket to Ride
Thomas Lehmann on Tigris & Euphrates
Warren Spector on Tikal
David "Zeb" Cook on Toon
Mike Pondsmith on Traveller
Zev Shlasinger on Twilight Struggle
Kenneth Hite on Unknown Armies
Sandy Petersen on Up Front
R. Hyrum Savage on Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
George Vasilakos on Vampire: The Masquerade (used to own; sold it)
Kevin Wilson on Vinci
R.A. Salvatore on War and Peace
Jack Emmert on Warhammer 40,000
Chris Pramas on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Steve Jackson on The Warlord
John Wick on Wiz-War

Pretty lame showing on my part, but I've never really played a lot of hobby game boardgames or wargames.

And the omission of Apples to Apples is a sin. So there!</b></b>

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2h2o From: 2h2o Date: August 30th, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
And the omission of Apples to Apples is a sin.
The boundaries of "hobby games" are hard to define. Apples to Apples (like Blokus, which I would also have liked to see on the list) probably was deemed too mainstream.
billwerk From: billwerk Date: August 31st, 2007 08:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I've seen it in Target of all places.

I remember when my sister and her husband asked for games for Christmas. They were thinking Clue, Monopoly, etc. but being a game geek I just couldn't do that to them. They looked at me in quiet horror when they opened up Apples to Apples; I could see the wheels turning, trying to figure out how to get rid of it without hurting my feelings.

Then, that evening, we played it. And they had Fun, with a capital Fun. And they went on to play it with his family, and their friends, and soon everybody had a copy. It amused me.

We went through much the same routine the next year, when I gave them Carcassone. :)
dangerousfred From: dangerousfred Date: August 30th, 2007 03:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Another Baron Munchausen fan!

If we ever show up at the same con, we ought to get a game together. With wine. Lots of wine.
panthergirl From: panthergirl Date: August 30th, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
Apples to Apples is fairly fantastic if you get great players. One of the many nights Johnnyslaughter and his wife played at my house Charon came up with some of the most fantastic commentary. I mean come on, those two are greatly amusing anyway, but if this night was a standout??? Apples to Apples lets you interject that as part of the game. We made extra cards for things like 'vivisection'.
chadu From: chadu Date: August 30th, 2007 03:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
Some of the most fun is when you know the current judge so well that you know when they're going to pick your card.

For example, no matter what word is played for one of my friends, "crawlspace" was always the winner, no matter what the combo ended up meaning.

(For me, it's "flying monkeys." Always wins. Period.)

2h2o From: 2h2o Date: August 30th, 2007 03:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
The last time I played, the ace was Helen Keller.

It's definitely a fun game, but I'm not sure it's a great game because the victory mechanics belong entirely to the metagame. It's akin to playing Cops & Robbers -- the uncool kids always get shot first.
macklinr From: macklinr Date: August 30th, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
For me, it's "duct tape." No one has yet done the obvious and made a "bacon" card. I mean, c'mon!

I still advocate the Macklin variant, where the judge tells a story with the cards before choosing the winner. Then it becomes a game of "What can I throw that might win...but also might break the judge's ability to narrate?" Tasty stuff.
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